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  Americas Division of Shenzhen International Logistics Limited by the State Economic and Trade Ministry, the FAA approved a shipping agent; specialized contractors shipping, air cargo imports and exports in international transport agency business. China is a large logistics enterprises agents! I Acting Secretary-owned global reach 80 countries over 300 ports. Businessmen at home and abroad in order to provide quality services for the purpose of : South China agents, the optimal price : HAPAG, OOCL, NORASIA, WANHAI, MSC, Acting Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the India-Pakistan international maritime routes and international air operations Shenzhen optimal. Bulk global fight straight : convenience (the Shungan have our own customs warehouse). To provide clients with ex situ export trade : customers choose to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Xiamen, Tianjin, Ningbo port, and other major national booking, payment of freight, for a bill of lading. For the import and export freight forwarders : commodity inspection, quarantine of animals and plants, the certificate of origin is particularly difficult customs clearance services. transport for clients provide a strong logistical support and rapid and smooth logistics services. Transnational move, the Hong Kong Express, the third country re-exports, and around the world to the mainland to the import business : to provide professional clients of the declaration, customs clearance, transit, commodity inspection, replacement documents and other services. With a number of shipping companies, signed a contract and obtain preferential prices : CSCL, COSCO, WANHAI other. Acting CSCL, COSCO, MSC Southeast Asia, Shenzhen European routes lowest prices! Acting CSCL,  MSC, OOCL of Central and South America, Caribbean, the United States and East \ West-most city routes. Acting APL, OOCL, NORASIA, MSC Middle East, India Olavo counters and re-counter business! (Large quantity may apply Railcard) we abide by the following commitments : Security + + reliable quality able +quality.P>

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